8 Must-Have Plugins for Wordpress

8 Must-Have Plugins for WordPress

When you are creating your WordPress website you may think you need all of the plugins, but the truth is, simple is best. The more plugins you have, the slower your site may run.

Here are 8 must-have plugins for WordPress (and the best part, they are all free!):

1. Updraft Plus– Use this plugin for running backups of your site. You can set it to update automatically and connect it to another storage space such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Backups are crucial so make sure to do these often! Any updates could cause your site to go down, and you’ll want to use these backups to restore it. I like to backup my site weekly and always before making any updates to my site.

2. Rank Math– Use this plugin to improve your SEO. Rank Math gives each page a score and tells you exactly how to increase it. After making a few suggested edits, you will see your score increase. The goal is to get 100/100. This plugin is easy and incredibly helpful for those who lack SEO knowledge.

3. Insert Headers and Footers– Use this plugin to insert tracking codes into your entire site. This is perfect for installing the Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics tracking so you don’t have to do it on every single page.

4. Custom Fonts– Have custom brand fonts? Then you need this plugin. This allows you to install those gorgeous and fun fonts to keep your branding unique and consistent. All you need are the font files!

5. Elementor– I can’t believe how many people don’t know they can use a page builder to make their site look the way they desire. Add this plugin and get an easy drag and drop builder that allows for tons of customization. It’s my favorite page builder to use. Upgrade to Elementor Pro for $49 a year to get even more options.

6. Small Balloon Instagram Feed– We should include our social channels on our website so that our website users can connect with us. My preferred social media channel is Instagram. This plugin allows you to display your most recent IG photos on your website. I display my last 4 photos which shows a lovely pop of images at the bottom of my site, and makes it easy for my website traffic to find my on IG and connect.

7. Wordfence Security– Let’s face it, our websites may lack security which could lead to malware or hackers getting access to it. Yikes! Let’s try to prevent this. This plugin creates a firewall to block attacks, and it sends you security updates so you always know how your site is running and of any alerts you should be aware of. So worth it to have some peace of mind!

8. WP Optimize– Websites can get slow easily if you aren’t optimizing your photos and data. This plugin helps you do so by running optimizations such as clearing your post-revisions, trashed posts, and auto-drafts. It even allows you to compress any photos on your site and can cache your site too. This plugin can help improve your site speed with ease, and a fast site means more visitors coming and staying on your site.
Those are my 8 Must-Have WordPress Plugins. Remember, plugins can slow down your site so remove the ones you are’t using or don’t need. Even the inactive plugins are still taking up space, so get rid of them. Simple is best!

What plugins are your favorite? Let me know below!

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