Are you making this mistake in your Virtual assistant business?

Are you Making This Mistake in Your Virtual Assistant Business?

As you start and grow your virtual assistant business, you will make mistakes. It’s completely normal and part of the growing pains that come with starting a business.

The biggest mistake that I see a lot of virtual assistants make is that they are constantly changing their services. 

Now, why is that an issue? Because when you are constantly changing what you are offering, no one really knows what you do.

Ask Yourself is This Helping or Hurting my Brand?

If you are new to the VA world, you may be trying to figure out what you want to offer, so you are bouncing around between services at first, and that is ok. 

But, if you have been a virtual assistant for a while and you are still bouncing around, that is when you need to take a hard look at your business. Ask yourself – is offering all these services or constantly changing my services helping my brand or hurting it?

Do ideal clients understand what I offer? Have I built trust and expertise with these services?

If you take a deep look and realize that it’s hurting your brand, you need to make a decision on which services you want to drop and which ones you want to keep.

Stick to a Service and Market It 

If no one really knows what you do, no one will think of you when a job opportunity comes up. Stick to one service that you like and market yourself and your brand with that service. 

Show potential clients just how great you are at the service you offer. Drop those great testimonials, list it on your portfolio, on your website and on your socials. The goal is to have people remember what you do. 

I market myself and my brand towards Kartra. Kartra is not a widely known platform although it is becoming more and more popular. When I started using it a lot of people had not heard of it before. I have brought a lot of attention to Kartra by constantly talking about it. 

When there are updates on the platform, I post about it. I talk about its capabilities. I talk about the projects I’m doing in Kartra. By continuously doing this, I’ve made a name for myself as a Kartra expert. This has allowed for an endless stream of referrals and because I exude authority in this area, I don’t have to prove anything in order to get hired and many times, they hire me over the DM’s or email. 

The decision on which service to focus on can be a hard one, and it isn’t one that you have to stick with forever. But, you need to stick with it long enough to see the fruits of your labor. 

Plant a Seed and Watch it Grow 

Think about a seed. If I went out in my yard and planted a seed I would have to wait a while for it to poke up out of the ground and even longer for it to grow and blossom.  Just like a seed, once we pick a specialty and constantly market it, it will slowly grow. Also like a seed, it may take a while for that growth to occur and we may not see it for a while. Have faith that your seed is growing.

If you post about a service one time, do not see results and give up, it is because you were not consistent nor did you put in the effort to actually make that seed blossom.

Be Consistent for at Least Three Months 

I want you to pick that service and only talk about that service for at least three months. On your Instagram and Facebook, only post topics related to your service. Post projects you’re working on and show off client testimonials about it. After three months, take a look. What has changed? Did you find more clients? Were you able to raise your rates for that service? Did people refer you for that service?

You will see a big transformation when you do this.

Now you Can Scale 

You have picked a specialty and have consistently talked about it for three months. You are noticing a difference and watching your brand grow. Now you can finally scale that service. 

Scaling means you are setting the stage to enable and support growth within your business. I am an expert in Kartra and other people see that, so I can make income through coaching, I can set up VIP days, membership communities, offer packages and significantly raise my rates.

The more you focus on one specialty, the more you can scale it and make a lot more money because people want to hire experts, not someone who knows a little bit about a lot of stuff. 

Key Takeaways 

Take a look at your business and ask yourself if, by offering a wide variety of services, are you hurting your brand or helping it? If the answer is hurting, decide which services to drop and what services you want to focus on. Once you make that decision, try and spend at least three months only talking about that service, posting projects you’re working on, and showing off client testimonials about that service. Plant that seed and watch it grow. Once you become an expert and people know you are the go-to person, then you can really start to scale your business and bring in a lot more income. 

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