Creating a Positive Money Mindset

Creating a Positive Money Mindset

Money; a word we are all familiar with. What comes to your mind when you hear it? 

Does the word money make you feel excited? Happy? Nervous? Anxious? 

The gut feeling you get when you hear money or things associated with money will tell you a lot about your own money mindset. 

I used to be very anxious when I thought about money. I was always worried if I would have enough. Would I be able to grow my bank account? Would I be able to do things I want to do in life like buy nice things or travel? Thinking about money, for me, was a constant stress and worry in my life. 

Figure Out What Triggers Your Money Mindset

 If you stress about money, you need to focus on what triggers these emotions for you. 

It could be something from your childhood or you may have a family member who constantly stressed about money and it rubbed off on you. Think critically about it and then ask yourself, “Why do you feel this way?” Ask, “What could have caused it?” And, “What you can do about it?”

The last thing I wanted was to be stressed about money. It caused my life to be filled with anxiety. I wanted to move past those feelings and feel excited and happy around the word ‘money’. 

Seven Levels Deep Strategy

There is a strategy called seven levels deep and it is a great method when trying to figure out the root problem or your true feelings. 

The premise of the strategy is to ask yourself why seven times. 

For example, I am stressed about money. 

Well, why is that? 

“I am scared I won’t have enough of it.”


“Because I am scared that I won’t have enough money for my family.”


 “I do not want my family to ever feel the stress of not having what they need.” 


“Because being stressed is not good for your health and leads to a poor quality of life.”

You continue to ask yourself why and the more you do that you will really figure out what the issue is and why you are nervous around money.

Take Action 

Once you figure out your ‘why’, you can shift from being nervous about money to taking action and making sure your biggest fear never happens. 

When I first decided to start this business, I was terrified. Money was tight and I did not have a steady income coming in. I feared failing. I knew I needed a coach or a mentor but I was too afraid to spend any money.

Two months in, I invested in a coach. I took the leap and invested in myself. That was the first big change of my mindset. 

Old Jess would have never spent that much money. It was a huge investment. I took the leap and it motivated me even more to make money because I wanted to make that investment back. 

And, guess what? I made that money back within a couple of months. 

I got so much out of that investment, and from there, my business completely changed. I had clients coming out of my ears and I doubled my rate. I saw how key that investment was to grow my business.

Of course, it could have gone poorly if I had not put in the work that my coach wanted me to do. But I did the work.  I saw a huge increase in my income. I let go of the nervousness around money. I realized I had to invest to make more and it worked. 

After that program ended, I invested again. It was even more money, like wayyyyy more. But this time I had no fear or hesitation because I knew it would pay off. My money mindset had completely changed. 

Being Scared is Normal, but Letting Go Is Everything 

It will be scary, you will hesitate and second guess yourself, but if you let go of that inner anxiety that clings to money you can start to shift your mindset and really see your business flourish. 

Most of your stress will be gone, and your energy will be shifted to what you can create and what you can focus on. I have really been focusing on my money mindset and this past month for me has been the biggest month of my career. Just breathe and let it go. 

Money Affirmations 

No matter who you are or where you started there is nothing stopping you from making as much money as you possibly want. If you struggle with this belief or doubt yourself, focus on daily affirmations. 

For example, say:

 “I am going to make five thousand dollars this month.”

“I will always bring in more money than I let go.” 

“When I invest, I will make that money back.” 

Saying positive things to yourself daily is so important for personal growth and success.  

Read Business Books 

I love reading and what has helped me in many ways is reading inspirational books written by business owners who have already been in my shoes and succeeded. One of my favorite books is You are a Badass written by Jen Sincero. 

Reading these types of books puts your mental state in a good position, so you can focus on healing your money mindset and letting go of any fear or anxiety around it.

Use These Tools to Create Success

If your money mindset now is like how mine used to be, riddled with anxiety, figure out what triggers those feelings, use the seven levels deep strategy, take action to fix those fears, invest in yourself and your business, and eventually those thoughts will fade away.

Trust me, your mental health and your business will flourish rapidly once you let those fears go. 

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– Jess

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