How to find your traffic sources with Kartra

How to find your traffic sources with Kartra

So Kartra just added this really cool feature. When you look at the leads in your database, you can automatically see what ‘Source’ they came from.

If they opted-in to a form, if they were added manually, came from a survey, product, etc., you’ll see it very clearly:

Kartra leads

Here's why this is huge...

Seeing where your leads are coming from tells you what part of your marketing is working.

So how can we make this even more clear?

By creating separate funnels for your different traffic sources.

For example…Having 1 lead magnet form for your website pages and a different form for your landing page. This way you can see who is coming from the website versus who is finding your landing page.

You don’t have to use Kartra to do this. You just need to tag your leads appropriately.

For example, if they come from your site, you could tag them as “Freebie Opt-in: Website”.

If they come from your landing page, you could tag them as “Freebie Opt-in: Landing Page”.

These separate tags will help us see the data even better.

You can also do this for any other traffic sources: Pinterest, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, wherever!

But yes, that does mean you may have to clone some assets to make it happen.

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– Jess

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