How to Land More Clients as a Virtual Assistant

How to Land More Clients as a Virtual Assistant

Are you struggling with landing clients? This is a common problem among virtual assistants. It’s not that there isn’t enough work out there, it’s that you aren’t taking the steps to position yourself properly.

Today I’m going to cover what you can do to stand out from the competition and increase your chances of getting hired.

Check my tips below.

Check Your Online Storefront 

Your online storefront could be preventing you from getting clients. What is an online storefront? That is the first glimpse the potential client gets of you and your business. This first impression is important in order for them to take the next step in hiring you.

Social Media 

When people come to your Facebook or Instagram page, the very first thing they will do is judge you. If your profile looks like a mess, they more than likely will not hire you. 

Make sure your profile picture is a nice, clear photo of you and just you. Try not to use a group photo with a lot of people in it. 

Make sure the potential client knows who you are. Do not hide behind a logo because a logo will not sell your services, your face will. These clients want to work with you, not your logo. 

Are your Facebook and Instagram profiles professional and cleaned up? Or do you have silly videos still on there from when you were 15? Only have content on your profiles that work to help you gain and attract clients and make the rest of those photos and videos private.


Another piece of your online storefront is your website. Hopefully you have one. I know a lot of virtual assistants who do not have one and honestly it seems unprofessional in my opinion. When someone asks for your information, you should be able to send them your website, not just a name and an email address. 

Adding a professional website will drastically help you attract and gain clients. 

Create Clear Messaging 

Once you have your online storefront cleaned up, you need to now focus on how you are marketing yourself and your business. 

Is your messaging clear or are potential clients confused about what you do and who you are?

When people feel like you’re talking to them, they are going to be attracted to you. When you say something broad like “I work with entrepreneurs”, it doesn’t work well. Many business owners do not even consider themselves entrepreneurs. 

You have to be specific and use terms that they would use for themselves or people may zone out.

Create an I-help statement 

Do you have an I-help statement and is it super clear? You need to make sure your statement shows who you help and how you can help them. Use clear and simple terminology almost like you are talking to a second grader. 

A good I-help statement should look like this:

I help course-creators with their Kartra setup and maintenance.

It is simple, clear, and to the point.

Are Potential Clients Able to Easily Move Forward With You?

Another reason you may not be snagging any clients is because, even though your storefront and messaging are cleaned up and clear, there may not be an easy way to move forward with you. 

If someone wants to work with you, how can they do that?

An easy way to accomplish this is by having a Facebook link in your profile description. You can say: 

“If you are interested in my services, book a free call here.”

Make sure you have a clear way for the potential client to contact you to move forward. 

Respond in a Timely Manner 

When I need help with something, I usually reach out to a few different people and the one who responds back fastest is almost always the one I go with. Are you responding to emails or Facebook messages quickly or does it take you a few days?

I can tell you right now, a potential client will probably move on to someone else for help within a day or two of no response. So, make sure you are quick to respond and show up for that potential client. 

Are you Lacking Confidence in Your Discovery Call?

Next, let’s say you do get some calls with potential clients. That is good. That means your storefront looks good, your messaging is clear, and they found an easy way to contact you. 

You get on the call with them and then they don’t want to work with you. What could be the reasoning for that? Well, I think a big part of losing leads in the discovery call is lacking confidence. 

You want to lead the discovery call. The client may not have any idea what to expect, and it is your job to guide the call in a relaxed and professional manner. When you lead, it shows you have confidence and are prepared. 

Take notes of what the client needs from you while the call is going. Ask proper questions to make sure the two of you would be a good fit. 

Have Answers Prepared Ahead of Time 

For example, they may ask you why you charge the price you do. Do you even know the price you want to charge? Do you have answers already formulated for these types of questions should you receive them?

You can take the time to write the answers to common questions down beforehand so that you can easily reference them.

Do you Know What the Client Needs From You? 

 A handy way to always know what a potential client needs from you before the discovery call is to have a scheduling form. They fill this out before the call and it has questions on it that asks what kind of services they need and have them list out the platforms they use. 

This helps my confidence so much because I know before the call ever starts what the client needs. This gives me time to prepare.

If you’re confident and know what you’re talking about on that discovery call, you should easily be able to book that client. 

Follow Up

Once the discovery call is finished are you following up with them or are you just moving on? Make sure to follow up because it may just be that they have one concern or question that was not addressed and that is stopping them from moving forward. 

Always follow up. 

Generate Feedback

Let’s say the client does not choose you but does go with another virtual assistant. During or after the follow up conversation you can flat out ask them what led to their decision to choose the other VA over you. 

Feedback can be a very tough thing to hear, but it is so helpful in figuring out where the problem is and fixing it. 

Stop Letting Clients Fall Through the Cracks 

Make sure your online storefront is professional and be clear in your messaging. They need to know who you serve and how you help them. Make it easy for them to contact you and make sure you are fully prepared for your discovery call so that you can confidently lead it and book those clients. 

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– Jess

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