Kartra Services

Web Design / Migration

Moving your website over to Kartra or starting fresh? 

Let’s build out your website so you can start marketing your offers with authority and confidence.

This custom service starts at $1,500

*Payment plans available

Challenge Funnel Setup

If you’re wanting to build your list with qualified leads and sell your high-ticket programs, a challenge funnel is the way to go.

Let’s get your funnel set up in Kartra.

This custom service starts at $2,500

*Payment plans available

Trainings & Products

Prep Your Kartra Funnel Workshop Replay

Learn how to plan, map out, and organize your content for your next Kartra funnel. I’ll teach you how to make this process streamlined and stress-free.

$27 (Regular price = $47)

Create Your Funnels with Kartra

Let’s do it together! In these trainings, I’ll walk you through how to set up an Opt-in Funnel, Tripwire, Upsell, and an Evergreen Webinar Funnel. 


Funnel Tracker

Funnel Tracker Mockup

Ready to track how your funnel is performing? There’s only one way to know what’s working and what’s not. Look at the data! Grab my spreadsheet and video tutorial, and let’s make it easy.


Want some 1:1 support?

Kartra Coaching Sessions

Need some support with Kartra but not ready to invest in a Kartra VA? 

Book a Kartra Coaching Session below. 

During this session, we can walk through your system, plan your funnel, fix anything going haywire, and/or make sure everything is set up and connected properly.

Calls are $150 for 60 minutes.

Looking for other tech support?

Check out my virtual assistant directory here to find a VA who fits your needs.